Finding Manhattan Office space

Leasing an office space in Manhattan is an important step for a business. With RI Manhattan Realty it becomes a choice between opportunities rather than a headache of fighting with loads of information from various databases. Use a help of New York City office space leasing and sales experts at no charge. The company offers its client an opportunity to lease any kind of office space in Manhattan:

  • Office space
  • Commercial Loft space
  • Sublets
  • Executive offices

So, no matter what is needed – a small and strictly functional sublet for a start-up company or a gorgeous loft-space for a well-established and expanding business or executive-class office - RI Manhattan Realty can find one which works best for the customer.

RI Manhattan Realty is completely client-driven. That means a full focus on client’s needs and a great service which is based on understanding  customer’s needs. So, whether the client’s key focus is on meeting his bottom-line or finding a client office which will boost company’s image among customers and partners RI Manhattan Realty can offer the best choices of available office space in Manhattan.

The company’s services are highly professional but friendly at the same time. It means – conversations in plain English on one hand and highly professional and sophisticated search for a right office space on the other. In other words, RI Manhattan Realty representatives will make all necessary checks and inspections before offering the best office choice which suit the needs of a customer.

RI Manhattan Realty takes the headache of finding a right Office Space in Manhattan from customers and turns it to an array of opportunities. Moreover, this service is free to our clients.

While having an extensive and constantly updated database of office spaces which are up for lease in Manhattan,  RI Manhattan Realty is way more than that. The company maintains and develops relations with hundreds of landlords  and building owners.