Commercial real estate brokerage services in New York City

We specialize in commercial retail and office space leasing in Manhattan, New York City medical office rentals and sublets. We'll Search Commercial Real Estate Listings for your company in more then 8000 buildings to lease, sublease or sale. Take advantage of vacancy rate on the rise, get professional help from the specialist to Find your best NYC Retail space location at no charge. There are "No Fees" paid by the Tenant for our leasing brokerage services of retail, office, commercial industrial space in Manhattan, New York City.

Landlords factor all of their leasing costs into the transaction and pay the commissions as a matter of normal business.  We offer a friendly and professional services that is concerned with helping customers for many years.  Whether you're a startup company searching for your first investment, workspace or a well established firm looking for the right location and style that makes a statement.We will provide you with the most up-to-date information and properties that meet your criteria.  

As a true independent broker, we are not restricted to "in-house only" listings. If it is out there, we will find it!  We use every resource available to stay current. Not just computerized lists, we make use of our relationships with property owners and management firms that we have spent many years nurturing. We have found locations for many companies. If you are looking for NYC Investment Properties to buy or to sell, please check the listings or conact us.  

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