Commercial Real Estate Broker Services in Manhattan NYC


Our services are based on positive relationships, professional skills and wealth of experience. We have extensive experience in closing deals involving retail, office and industrial space, investment properties. Contact us today and get detailed up-to-date Market Survey that meets your criteria.

Property owner representation:

We Will: Evaluate your property, do the market research and analysis. Market your property through every source available. Cooperate with all outside commercial brokerage companies. Represent you and your property on the Lease or Sale transactions. Negotiate in your best interest the terms and conditions on your behalf. 

We can offer the lowest commission rates (1- 2- 3% depending on the size of the transaction)


Tenant representation:

There are "No Fees" paid by the Tenant for our brokerage services to lease retail, office,  commercial industrial space in Manhattan, New York City. Landlords factor all of their leasing costs into the renting transaction and pay the commissions as a matter of normal business.

We Will: Evaluate your needs to determine the most suitable size, location and configuration of space/property. Provide you with the most up-to-date information and properties that meet your criteria. Negotiate in your best interest the terms and conditions of the lease or sale transactions on your behalf.


Some of the specific issues we will address regarding commercial Lease:


  • Amount of Space, Build-out Costs
  • Building services and building ratings A-B-C,
  • Concessions / Free Rent,
  • Current Market Conditions,
  • Deal Structuring,
  • Electric Charges (Directly metered; Submetered; Per square foot),
  • Hidden Costs, Historic rents charged in the building,
  • Landlords Contributions,
  • Loss Factor,
  • Proof of Insurance,
  • RE Tax and Operating Escalations Rent Escalations,
  • Security Deposits,
  • Small Firm Attraction and Retention Grants,
  • Terms and Conditions of the Lease,
  • Vacancy rate and other key data that affect Market Price