Commercial Real Estate Broker in Manhattan NYC

Commercial real estate in New York City is a huge business with a lot of opportunities both for those who sell, rent or buy. And the best options on this market are available for those who have the best and most up-to-date information available as well as the most efficient connections among real estate market participants. And that is just where RI Manhattan Realty has the edge.

Since RI Manhattan Realty monitors all the real estate market of the New York City the company matches the most interesting offers with best clients enabling mutually fruitful contracts among owners and buyers.

Since RI Manhattan Realty provides both services of commercial real estate brokers as well as those related to commercial real estate acquisition. In other words, the company facilitates both the sales and acquisition of Commercial real estate in New York City.

The company covers all aspects of transactions with commercial real estate in the Big Apple:

  • Most aspects and regulations
  • Negotiations regarding the price and deal structuring 
  • Matching specific client’s requirements

One of the key advantage of dealing with RI Manhattan Realty is that this company is way more than just a collective of professional brokers. Our employees are truly committed to providing only the best options of commercial real estate to our clients. And besides ever-updating databases with the most recent information on commercial real estate offerings we work much with people such as commercial real estate owners to deliver customers only the best options.